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1. Impact of the Climate Emergency on Man and the Environment


2. Impact of the Climate Emergency on Agriculture


3. Impact of Agriculture on the Climate Emergency


4. Best Agricultural Practices to Reverse the Climate Emergency


5. Implementation Strategies utilizing Best Agricultural Practices      to Reverse the Climate Emergency and Poverty.

Abstract Requirements

The abstract should fit on a single page. In practice, this means broadly 1500-2500 characters or 250-350 words. Use Times New Roman font, 12 point font size, 1.5 line spacing and normal margins.


The structure of abstracts


1. Title

The title at the top of the page should be bold and in a larger font (14 pt.). Write your name, affiliation, and email under the title in  a 12-point font.


2. Introduction and objectives

The first paragraph elaborates the idea in the title. Here you should explain why you choose this particular topic. You can write about the problem’s relevancy or you can talk about why a process needs to be improved, or what new knowledge you would like to present. In most cases you have 400 characters for it. You may want to split the introduction into two parts: one paragraph for the introduction and another for the objectives.

3. Methodology

You must explain the methods and data you have worked with to prove that your study is scientifically grounded. The methodology can be varied: it may relate to the place and time of the study, to the subjects involved or for data collection methods, the use of software. If you conducted a survey, you should specify which standardized questionnaires you had used. If you used previous research by others, you should also mention these. You need to describe your methodology in 400 characters typically.


4. Results

This is the longest part of the abstract, you have ca. 600 characters to present your results. In this block you support your claim with facts, figures and data while giving a logical argument for its credibility.


5. Conclusion

Finally, draw conclusions about your work: why your study or presentation is relevant, how it contributes to the life and achievements of the field. You can also explain here what theoretical or practical benefits your work brings and what are the main lessons learned. If there are any unanswered questions or problems that need to be solved, include them in your conclusion also. For all of this you have a maximum of 600 characters for an average abstract.

6. Key words

Email Abstracts in a Word.docx format to:

Sample Abstract

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